Car Insurance Policy Rates May Not Reflect Your Insurability

A car insurance policy may be a necessity if you plan to drive. But how does one go about figuring out what type of car insurance policy to purchase? Why all the different rates for car insurance policy premiums? How can car insurance rates vary so much from company to company? A car insurance policy purchase may be just like other purchases. You may just want to break it down to what you could need, research the rates and options to see what could best fit your situation, and then use a quote form to get help receiving quotes.

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The reason people may have so much confusion about buying a car insurance policy is that every car insurance company could have different criteria for trying to attract certain types of car insurance policy holders. Once you figure out what group a particular car insurance company may cater to, you could be better equipped to narrow your search for a car policy that might be right for you.

Car Insurances Policy Offerings May Be Determined by Car Insurance Company’s Preferences

You may want to think of every car insurance company as having a different personality. One automobile insurance company may design its car insurance policy offerings to drivers who are high risk customers. Typically, a high risk driver is someone who may have been ticketed for moving violations often, been cited for reckless driving, been involved in more than one traffic accident, or may have even been arrested for DWI/DUI. Potentially difficult drivers to insure, high risk car insurance customers may be considered dangerous drivers and generally may have to pay higher premiums for a car policy than other, safer drivers.

Then there could be car insurance companies that may go for drivers at the opposite end of the spectrum. These car insurance companies may offer a car insurance policy product geared toward people with good or better-than-average driving records. These safe drivers generally don’t have many tickets, haven’t been ticketed for reckless driving or other serious moving violations, and may have never been charged with a DWI/DUI. Consequently, safe drivers may be more likely to find better rates on a car insurance policy than a high risk driver as the likelihood of these drivers actually taking advantage of their car policy coverage may be slimmer.

Some car insurance companies may not even base car insurance policy offerings on driving records, but instead may try to attract drivers with good credit scores. Auto insurers in this category of car insurance policy provider may conduct a credit check to find out what a customer’s credit score is before determining a premium rate for them. They then potentially base that rate on what they feel is the likelihood the customer will generally pay his/her bills on time. As a result, drivers with low credit scores may generally pay higher car policy rates than those with a high credit score.

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As may be evident, car insurance policy rates are potentially unpredictable. That’s why here at we aim to provide multiple quotes in order to potentially increase the chances of you finding a coverage that may be right for you. To potentially find out how your statistics fare, complete the simple quote request form to get help with finding car insurance policy rates for free. You might just find a rate that fits your situation.

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