What to Look for in Liability Auto Insurance

When you engage in a conversation about auto insurance, the topic of liability may typically come up. Basically, liability auto insurance is insurance that helps protect you when an automobile accident that is your responsibility causes damage to others. Having liability auto insurance coverage may help you with fulfilling your financial obligations when you cause damage to another person or another person’s property in an automobile accident. All 50 states may require that drivers have some level of auto liability insurance coverage to drive legally. Proof that you have adequate auto liability insurance may be a prerequisite for obtaining a driver’s license in some states.

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Auto Liability Insurance May Be Comprised of Three Components

For the most part, liability auto insurance may consist of three distinct components that comprise liability auto insurance coverage. These three components may typically be:

Usually you may not be able to buy just one or two of these separate components; most liability auto insurance providers may sell them as a package deal lumping them together for your evaluation in amounts like 100/200/100, generally meaning that you are purchasing $100,000.00 of bodily injury auto liability insurance per person, $200,000.00 of bodily injury liability per accident, and $100,000.00 of property damage liability per accident.

How Much Liability Auto Insurance Do You Need

Determining exactly how much liability auto insurance to purchase may depend on several factors including your driving record and your financial well-being, among other things. You may want to keep in mind that a serious accident could potentially wipe you out financially once the insurance portion is gone. Thus, many auto insurance agents may recommend that you purchase the most auto liability insurance your budget can accommodate.

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